Rediscover Los Angeles’ 历史 through its 体系结构.

L经验.A. 体系结构, art, and 历史 with the Conservancy’s award-winning walking tours!

L.A. Conservancy is excited to welcome our new walking tour sponsor, Don Francisco’s Coffee. To celebrate, from April 27 to May 25, they’re giving our downtown L.A. walking tours a Don Francisco’s swag bag while supplies last. 不需要代码. 一方一人. 今天预订行程!

The Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, 认识到, and revitalizing cultural and architecturally significant historic places in Los Angeles. Through our tours, we bring people closer to the places important to the 历史 of Los Angeles.

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Our weekend tours are only $18 for members and $25 for the general public. 

谢谢您的支持! Your purchase directly supports the Conservancy’s mission to preserve the historic places in Los Angeles County.


  • 位于洛杉矶的维多利亚式住宅.A.历史悠久的洛杉矶高地.



    Explore this hidden Victorian neighborhood east of Echo Park, L.A.最古老的郊区.

  • 艺术装饰风格


    每个人都知道L.A. 是一座迷人的城市. But few know that true Old Hollywood glamour lies in the streets of downtown L.A.!

  • 比尔特莫尔酒店的大厅.


    星期日下午1点.m. (目前缺货)

    它在早期被称为“海岸之主”, 比尔特莫尔酒店有着辉煌的历史.

    Unfortunately, the Biltmore Hotel tour is unavailable at this time. 我们希望能尽快恢复.

  • Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District Walking Tour


    Step inside a lavish movie palace and learn how Hollywood 历史 began on downtown L.A.的百老汇.

  • 位于洛杉矶市中心的洛杉矶中央图书馆.



    得到市中心的一个伟大的概述.A. 历史 and 体系结构, from the eighteenth century to the present on this Saturday walking tour.

  • 洛杉矶市中心的天际线.



    认为摩天大楼并不具有历史意义? 再想想! 在看完洛杉矶市中心之后.A. has evolved over the past century, you’ll see our beloved skyline in a whole new way.

  • 过去与现在相遇


    沿着L街漫步.A.春天街, 这座城市最古老的建筑之一, and see a vibrant neighborhood thriving against the backdrop of this historic downtown corridor.

  • 洛杉矶联合车站的外立面.



    了解L的背景故事.A.纽约标志性的联合车站. This extraordinary Spanish Colonial Revival and 艺术装饰风格 monument was built to serve as the gateway to Los Angeles – a role which, 在很多方面, 它今天还在播放. It continues to serve tens of thousands of commuters daily.

  • 团体导览(虚拟/亲临)


    Arrange a private in-person or virtual walking tour for your group.

  • 学生徒步旅行

    Rates start at $10 per student/One chaperone free per 10 students

    Conservancy student field trips are great choices for students, 童子军, 青年组织, 在家自学, 和更多的!



了解更多 about our Walking Tour Program, including important policies and information.


Los Angeles Conservancy-trained 志愿导游s primarily lead tours.


Los Angeles Conservancy tour guides are highly trained individuals, 热衷于分享他们对洛杉矶的热爱, 历史, 体系结构, 和其他人一起保存. They come to the Conservancy with unique backgrounds and experiences, but they all have the same goal—to share the story of Los Angeles’ places with others and to inspire a love for its historic buildings.


所有的导游都是奉献自己时间的志愿者, 能源, and knowledge to serve as the face of the Los Angeles Conservancy’s Walking Tour Program. Each guide undergoes a rigorous six-week training course that consists of in-class and on-the-street training. 他们学习建筑风格, 市中心及其多元化社区的历史, and about preservation and the work of the Los Angeles Conservancy. They learn one to two different walking tours using scripts created by Conservancy staff and train under fellow Conservancy tour guides. Educational and safety workshops are held throughout the year that enable guides to continue their training and meet Conservancy walking tours’ high standards.

Please visit our 志愿者 page for information about becoming a Los Angeles Conservancy 志愿导游.


徒步旅行需要提前登记. 目前,我们不接受无电梯电梯.


旅游 cost $10 for Los Angeles Conservancy members and youth seventeen and under; $15 for the general public.

协会成员可以 四张成人预订 按每次旅游的会员收费.

所有的销售是最终的-不退款. You may change your reservation date if you contact us at least 24 hours before the tour date on your original reservation.

请不要带宠物. 不建议使用婴儿车.

Please see our information about group tours for groups of twelve or more people.

注册通常截止 参观前2小时.


All participants in the Los Angeles Conservancy-sponsored 步行参观 knowingly and freely accept and assume all risks, 已知的和未知的including contracting and/or transmitting COVID-19 and any other communicable diseases, 并同意释放, 捍卫, 赔偿, 不起诉, 让十大赌博平台排行榜免受伤害, 它的主体, 军官, 员工, 志愿者, 赞助商, 代理和其他参与者从任何和所有索赔, damages (including medical expenses and attorneys’ fees), 因…造成的伤害和费用, or resulting from your voluntary attendance/participation in 步行参观, including contracting and/or transmitting COVID-19 and any other communicable diseases and any and all other injury, 疾病, 残疾, 死亡, 或对人或财产的损失或损害. All participants expressly waive the benefits of California Civil Code 1542, which provides that: “A general release does not extend to claims that the creditor or releasing party does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release and that, 如果他或她知道的话, would have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor or released party.”


We are grateful for the kind support of our walking tours sponsor!

Major funding for the Los Angeles Conservancy’s educational programs is provided by the LaFetra Foundation and the Kenneth T. 和艾琳·L. 诺里斯基金会.